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FAVORITE: A Photo Zine

FAVORITE: A Photo Zine

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FAVORITE is a zine inspired by my time spent obsessing over photographs, my own and other peoples. As one of my teachers put it, the photos that play in the carousel slide projector of your brain. That you return to physically or through memory. Photos that have a feeling, that are hard to figure out, or so straightforward they feel like a memory. All of my time spent looking at the photos of others and mostly failing to pick a favorite made me wonder what their own favorite is - so I asked them. 20 photographers share their favorite photo they've ever taken.

All of the proceeds after printing costs will go to Las Fotos Project, a non-profit that provides photography mentoring for teen girls.

Hana Haley
Bao Ngo
Laurence Philomene
Lauren Tepfer
Shriya Samavai
Alex Westfall
Li Hui
Alice Liu
Savana Ogburn
Mengwen Cao
Shaira Chaer
Isabella Dias
Vivian Fu
Jordan Tiberio
Luna Rey Cano
Lennon Walter
Jenoris Caba
Miranda Barnes
Stephanie Griffin
and Madeline Keyes-Levine (me)